Relms Bot

Relms Bot


A multipurpose bot with many commands and more commands to come in the future!

This bot has many many many features which includes moderation, fun, social, tickets and utilities commands. The bot currently has over 40 commands with more to come.

Current Moderation Commands: !ban [reason], !kick [reason], !mute [reason], !pardon , !unban [reason], !unmute [reason], !warn [reason]

More info and help can be found in the support server.

Things to come with the bot: Customization, Configs, Website, Website Dashboard, More Commands, Economy System, Leveling system, Update Github

Note: Even though the bot database can be found in the code, if you are caught tampering with the database, you WILL be banned from using the bot.

Some Reasonable rules to follow:

  1. Do Not Redistribute the bot code and call it your own. If found, I will file a report to Discord which will lead to your bot and account banned
  2. Do Not nuke the bot commands. That means spamming commands in your server. This will result in you being banned from using the bot.
  3. Do Not Abuse the bot. That means unnessasary striking users. If caught, you will get Banned from the bot.


Prefix: !
ID: 642908629678161921
User#discrim: Relms Bot#5429
Library: discord.js