Rhino - A Bot right for your servers!

# Rhino | A Bot right for your servers!

Rhino a new bot that one day will be Dyno or MEE6! A bot made and updated by Rhino Support, along with a group of developers that help to maintain and upgrade the bot! Premium as well as normal features are available within the bot. Prefix r!, r!help for all the commands available…

Add Me To Your Server!!!

Bot Categories:

🤣 Fun | 📸 Image | 🎮 Game | ⚒ Moderation | 🎶 Music

Here Are The Commands Used In The Bot:

Category Commands
Bot Commands info, support, invite, ping, uptime, upvote, premium
Server Commands serverinfo, membercount, userinfo, channelinfo, roleinfo
Fun Commands weather, quote, dadjoke, calculate, 8ball, advice, catfact, dogfact, rate
Image Commands dog, cat, bird, bunny, cow, fish, space, meme, avatar, thuglife, triggered, wasted, wanted
Text Commands backwards, flip, italics, bold, underline, block, syntax, block-quote
Game Commands rolldice, rps, slots, fortnite
Moderation Commands ban, unban, mute, unmute, kick, purge
Music Commands nowplaying, play, queue, search, pause, resume, skip, volume, stop

> Premium Features Are Available …


Prefix: rh!
ID: 621422647439523860
User#discrim: Rhino#1176
Library: discord.js


DND 2 total votes 2 monthly votes