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A new music bot with High Quality. The bot was maded for music, and moderation commands. This bot will help you in your server.

Welcome to the Ayuri's bot page!


Command Usage Description Permission Level
play [URL] or [Song Name] Plays a song. everyone
prefix Sets to that bot a prefix to your server. everyone
help Gets help for all commands, or for a specific command if provided everyone
search Search youtube videos, playlists. everyone
settings Shows the server settings. everyone
botinfo Shows the bot informations, and the support server! everyone
calc Provide a equation and the bot will calculate that. everyone
clear Remove messages. (Important the message until 14 days old the bot dosen't clear that.) everyone
## Website
Coming soon.


Prefix: a! (customizable)
ID: 506314865137156096
DiscordTag: Ayuri 💞#1119
Library: discord.js


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