ActivMod is a multipurpose bot for all of discord that has so many fun and great commands for you guys to have we also do listen to all your suggestions and we all do add the commands that you guys want. Make sure to join the support server today.

ActivMod Commands

Bot Commands

info - Shows the bot information. serverinfo - Shows the discord servers information. userinfo - Shows your userinfo or someone eles if you mention them. roleinfo - Shows the role information. uptime - Shows the bot uptime. ping - Shows the ms of the bot. discord - Join the support server. invite - Invite the bot to your server.

Feedback Commands

feedback - Send us a feedback on what is good about the bot or the team. suggestion - Send us a suggestion on what we could improve on. bug - Send us a report-bug on what there is need to fix on the bot.

Moderation Commands

ban - Mention the user you wish to ban. kick - Mention the user you wish to kick. mute - Mention the user you wish to mute. unmute - Mention the user you wish to unmute. softban - Mention the user you wish to softban and add how many days. unban - Make sure to grab the user's discord ID to unban them. purge - Purges messages make sure you tell it how much. (1-100) poll - Makes polls that the community can vote on. say - *say {channel name} and the message you want to send.

Music Commands

play - Plays with a YouTube URL or the song name. search - Search your favourite songs and play them all. (song name) pause - Pauses the current song for you. skip - Skips to the next song in queue for you. queue - Shows you the next songs in queue. resume - Resumes the song that is in queue. leave - Bot leaves the voice channel. volume - Chanage the volume between 1-100.

Fun Commands

meme - Finds a meme from the meme API. 8ball - Ask the bot most silly questions in the world and have __Fun gif - Find a gif from GIPHY. joke - Bot makes a random joke. geekjoke - Makes a random geekjoke. weather - Put a location and it will tell you the weather. slots - You can play slots like a slot manchine. dog - Pulls up a cute dog pictures. cat - Pulls up a cute cat pictures. fox - Pulls up a fox picture. panda - Pulls up a panda picture. redpanda - Shows a redpanda pictures. bird - Shows a bird picture. koala - Shows a koala picture.

Administrator Commands

setup - Run setup command and it makes the mod-log channel.


Prefix: *
ID: 494455834495942656
User#discrim: ActivMod#2727
Library: discord.js