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A new bot maded for fun. Make your server like an boss.

Welcome to the Yuki's bot page!




Command Usage Description Permission Level
poll [dm] Guides you through creating a poll, if given DM as an argument, it will prompt you poll creation questions in DMs everyone
ping Gets the response time of the bot everyone
help [command] Gets help for all commands, or for a specific command if provided everyone
botinfo Gets some general statistics about the bot everyone
anime Gets some informations about anime series. everyone
invite Invite the bot with role, without role. everyone
addrole Adds that role(s) for that user. everyone
removerole Removes that role(s) for that user. everyone
## Website
Coming soon.


Prefix: y!
ID: 489219428358160385
DiscordTag: Yuki 💞#0545
Library: discord.js

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