Backup Bot

Backup Bot

Backup your server with Backup Bot! Backup Bot will backup your roles, channels, and server data!

![Backup Bot Icon]( # Welcome to Backup Bot This is a bot in which can backup your server and if your server was raided/nuked, You can fix it by restoring your backup with **Backup Bot** ## ## Commands |Command Name| Description | Permission | Tier | |--|--|--|--| |db!help|The help command|Regular|Premium not required. |db!backup|Backs up your server!|Whitelisted Users or higher.|Premium not required, However you can have more backups if you have premium.| |db!restore|Restores your backup! (Do not try unless you are testing or your server is nuked!) (This will recreate the channels, it wont delete them though, for example, if the bot were to not restore the channels and stuff, it would be bad!)|Whitelisted Users or higher.|Premium not required, However you can restore various different backups if you are premium.| |db!settings|Change the settings of Backup Bot!|Whitelisted Users or higher.|Premium not required. (Some settings are required premium)| |db!backups|See your list of Backups!|Whitelisted Users or higher.|Premium only| |db!premium|Shows the links to purchase Backup Bot Premium!|Regular|Premium not required.| |db!server|Gives the invite to the Backup Bot Server (Support Server)!|Regular|Premium not required.| |db!support|Gives the invite to the Support Server!|Regular|Premium not required.| |db!prefix|Responds with the prefix of the server!|Regular|Premium not required.| |db!lprem|Shows a list of servers (That you are in) that have premium and don't have Premium. (Will DM you)|Regular|Premium not required.| |db!bug|Submit a bug report! (Any abuse of this command will get you blacklisted from the bot)|Regular|Premium not required.|

Version 1.0.0b


  • FireMario211#2948 - Lead Developer and Creator of the Bot. (Also Publisher)
  • Habchy#1665 - Developer of the Bot
  • <{promise}> | return 𝐻𝓊𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓇;#3053 - Developer of the Bot and Developer for the upcoming Ticket Bot for the Support Server (Also helped with revamping the server)

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Prefix: db! (Customizable in settings)
ID: 481135481556434944
User#discrim: Backup Bot#8229
Library: discord.js


1076 guilds