Feature-rich, easy to use message quoting tool that you'll ever need.

# Stop self-botting, quote messages the legal way If you always wanted to quote user messages without getting in trouble for it, then **Quote** is what you need. Other than modifying your discord client, you can make a bot to do it for you without any issues.


help - Show help message, or more details on a specific command.

quote - Quote a message using a message ID, and optionally leave your own reply to a quoted message.

quotechan - Quote a message using a message ID from a specific channel.

prefix - See currently set prefix, or change to a different prefix for this server.

delcommands - Toggle this to let Quote auto-delete the quote command.

reactions - Toggle this to let users quote messages by adding 💬 reaction to them.

pinchannel - Set a channel that will be used for pinning messages. Members with Manage Messages permission can react with 📌 to pin a message.

What messages are supported?

• Normal message with content, sent either by a normal user or any different bot.

• Embed's color depends on the message author's color in the server by roles.

• Message containing an image as an attachment will also be quoted, but if there are more than 1 images in the message then only the first image will be quoted (discord's limitations).

• Rich Embed messages will not be quoted, and there will never be plans to add support for them.


Prefix: > or @Quote
ID: 447176783704489985
User#discrim: Quote#2291
Library: discord.py