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A customizable bot for your server with images, moderation, social, fun , games commands.

Mike’s default prefix is “mike”, you can change it by typing “mike prefix” in your Discord servers chat.

Module Commands
Basic Commands help, invite, ping, serverinfo, stats, userinfo
Moderation Commands ban, kick, nsfw, prefix, prune, say, welcome
Social Commands daily, poll, profile, work
Fun Commands 8ball, advice, bigtext, coinflip, dice, flip, hex, quote, respect, reverse, space
Utility Commands avatar, color, emoji, humblebundle, lmgtfy, morse, urban, weather, spotify
Images Commands anime, cat, coala, dog, duck, fox, hug, kiss, pat, pizza, poke, slap, tickle, triggered
Nsfw Commands Type "mike nsfw enable" to see nsfw commands


Prefix: mike
ID: 419620594645073930
DiscordTag: Mike#3262
Library: discord.js

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