Marcus is a community bot built upon being a family-friendly bot with the ability to enhance a Discord server with various features and commands.

[![](]( # Marcus Marcus is a family-friendly community bot determined to enhance your discord server!    


🎵 Music 🎵

• Stream music with high quality!
• Grab lyrics to a song of your choice!
• Use playlists in queues!
• Toggle repeat or shuffle on the queue!
• Seek through audio clips to the desired spot!

💰 Currency 💰

• Get coins for every message sent (1 minute cooldown!)
• Spend coins on special commands like slots!

🤖 Automated Moderation 🤖

• Marcus can automatically delete discord invites!
• Marcus can automatically remove links!

🔨 Moderation 🔨

• Kick, Ban, and Softban users!
• Log Punishments in Audit Log and in a channel!
• Warn users and purge messages in a channel or from a specific user!

🛠️ Utility 🛠️

• Get server and/or user information and user avatars!
• Calculate mathematical expressions!
• Google things with safesearch protection!
• Set an automatic join role!

🎮 Fun 🎮

• Play Russian Roulette!
• Roll random numbers or flip a coin!
• Get funny dad jokes or ask the magic 8ball a question!
• Punch, Slap, Hug, or give others cookies!
What are you waiting for! Add him today! Marcus has a friendly support and staff team ready to help you whenever you need us!
Created and Owned by Marc and Jake.
Marcus Version v5.02.0 (DECEMBER 30TH, 2018)


Prefix: m!
ID: 292070948318740481
User#discrim: Marcus#7333
Library: Eris



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